Modelling Design Partners rebrands as MDP Labs

Posted on Apr 27, 2014

MDP Labs Logo unboxed
We’ve updated our brand and logo, and will be trading under the new name MDP Labs from the 1st of May 2014. Modelling Design Partners was founded in 2010, and we’ve been developing advanced mathematical software solutions to our clients since then. Daniel de Bruin, the founder of MDP, commented on the new name: “We can’t say we’ll miss the old name – because, to be honest, we used to always refer to ourselves as ‘MDP’ anyway, partly because our full name was a bit of a long name.”

The slight name change reflects the abbreviation of the existing (rather long) company name, and also references the research and development work which the company performs in the fields of software and computer hardware design. We are really a bunch of geeks and coders, and obviously a bunch of very creative designers, so we like this new name a lot.

The ‘M’ in the old logo, which is made up of a number of ‘plus’ signs, is incorporated in the new logo, because we really like it. It has a nice retro look to it, and reminds us of video games like ‘space invaders’ from the 1980’s, while referring to the mathematical background most of us have.