What we do

Solutions that add value through improved customer experience.


Our mission is to develop software that is useful to consumers and organisations. This means software that is quick and easy to use, is secure, and can provide deep insights to help solve specific business problems and improve customer experience.


Design fundamentals


All our software solutions are developed around three fundamentals

  • it should provide a solution to a specific need;
  • protect data privacy and security; and
  • people should want to use it.

Data Analytics 2Data analytics

MDP provides deep business insights and visualisations to help you make the right decisions. Our data analytics platform can handle data from many sources, including data from your own databases, social networks and mobile apps. It is 'big data' ready and fully scalable.

Machine Learning - largeMachine learning

Our expert knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence give us the edge over our competitors. We aim to bring the power of machine learning and deep analytics to all the key decision makers in organisations.

Hadoop smallHadoop deployment

Enterprise standard Hadoop on your own servers, inside your secure network, in a very short time? Well, yes. That’s why we built Rapidoop, our rapid Hadoop deployment framework. We will help you to quickly run and manage Hadoop clusters in your own secure environment.

Mobile AppsMobile apps

Our highly qualified software engineers also work on the development of Android and iOS mobile apps. This ensures that our data analytics solutions are integrated and run securely on all devices, making it accessible to as many customers as possible.

MDP-labs homepageFraud detection

One of our main areas of focus is on data security and privacy. We combine our expertise in data analytics, machine learning and financial modelling to design fraud detection software, which highlights accounts that behave in an unexpected or suspicious way.

Sentiment AnalysisSentiment analysis

We've got some highly advanced sentiment analytics software, and we've integrated this with advanced Twitter streaming. We integrate different data sources to give a full view of the sentiment out there, on whatever topic is important to you: your brand, a new product, or a new personality.