MDP Labs is a software startup based in the UK and South Africa. We develop software platforms and smartphone apps. Our team of engineers work in various fields of technology, including Hadoop and Mahout, low-energy Bluetooth beacons, and smartphone apps (Android and iOS) - basically the latest tech in general - to implement advanced solutions that can use data analytics, machine-learning algorithms, or other useful techniques to answer specific business needs.

We bring data together – from many different sources. Our platform makes business intelligence from big data accessible to all business users. We work with our clients to target the right problems and help solve these problems through innovative technological solutions.

MDP Labs is a trading name of Modelling Design Partners Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales, with a wholly-owned South African subsidiary company, ZA Model Design Consultancy (Pty) Ltd, a limited company registered in South Africa.

We launched our two key products in early 2015 and have been patiently spending our time making them bigger and better.

  • Trybal   is our new consumer app, which can be installed for free on both Android and iOS devices.
  • InsightX   is our business analytics platform, which businesses of any size can use to leverage the consumer sentiment data collected from Trybal users.

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