Assistant – Edinburgh

Job Title: Business development consultant

We are currently recruiting for a new business development consultant role in our Edinburgh office. The successful candidate will work on business development in the consumer analytics sector. There is a strong focus specifically on data analytics and business improvement. Some travel may be required.

  • Posted: Mar 28, 2016
  • Experience: Associate level
  • Functions: Consulting, Information Technology, Business Development
  • Compensation: £ competitive


The successful candidate will work on business development within the consumer and retail sector.  Some travel may be required, depending on the location of the business development area you work on.

As a consultant, the role will be to collaborate as part of a small team of internationally-based consultants.

Skills and requirements

The position requires good communication skills, and an appetite to develop and enhance these in a supportive environment. You must be personable and capable of working effectively both with fellow consultants and with your seniors. You should enjoy thinking strategically within your role and offer solutions wherever possible. Attention to detail, methodical working practices and a willingness to take on technical challenges are imperative.

Specifically, the following skills and experience would be valuable:

  • Very good communication skills, including written communication
  • Experience of working collaboratively

About the company

MDP is an international consultancy which helps organisations be more efficient by improving business processes, reducing risk and developing in-house talent. Our innovative use of technology helps our clients achieve a strategic advantage through improved efficiency, enhanced transparency and increased productivity.

We use the latest techniques in data fusion and data analytics to help produce rich information and business insights. Our clients can make confident decisions based on superior business intelligence. The use of data analytics to produce business insights is fundamental in our approach to help our clients make efficiency savings and reduce risk.

MDP’s consultants develop reliable and lasting financial models that clearly describe and anticipate any business risk. Our focus is on building effective financial modelling teams. We innovate to design more efficient, more accurate and more transparent models while helping our clients develop and enhance their in-house talent.

We use innovative information technology to replace inefficient and laborious business processes with cost-effective, reliable and fast process automation.

MDP’s highly motivated professionals thrive in an environment where reward and effort are more closely aligned. This translates into competitive client rates, excellent staff rewards, and high quality delivery.

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