Data analytics

The MDP analytics platform aggregates data from many sources and provides quick access to data analytics and visual insights without involving IT or data analysts.

 Data Analytics 2

Having immediate access to real-time insights helps decision makers to solve complex business problems, as and when they need to.

Successful companies and organisations continuously monitor and analyse their performance, find out what make their customers happy and take action to improve customer experience and grow the bottom line.

The business environment is always changing and so too are customer behaviours. Technology enables customers to interact with organisations in many ways and this leaves a trail of available data. This data may include information about buying behaviour, lifestyle choices, habits, preferences, interests and moods.

The pressures of keeping up with the ever-increasing amount of data and reports, whilst keeping their organisations running smoothly and profitably, may cause managers and executives to miss opportunities and risks along the way.

We work with all users and key decision makers to turn this wealth of data into powerful business insights and visualisations. Our innovative software solutions help organisations make the right decisions at the right time.


Our data analytics platform can handle data from many sources, including data from internal databases, external social networks and mobile apps. It is ‘big data’ ready and fully scalable.

Data fusion

Most sources of the endless amount of data available to organisations are noisy, non-linear and non-stationary. It’s easy to draw the wrong conclusions based on incorrect interpretations of such data. This can be very costly. Data fusion techniques intelligently combine multiple sources of data. The use of data fusion, results in more accurate estimates and conclusions, which provide our clients with superior business insights.

Data fusion techniques can help master the application requirements for risk management, trading models, portfolio analysis and financial economics.