Trybal Feedback – rebranding done

Posted on May 24, 2015

Trybal Feedback – rebranding done

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just completed rebranding our new feedback app to Trybal. We decided to change our app’s name following the launch of a music app with the name Tidal. Due to the negative publicity of the other app, we decided on a new positive name. It has been hard work, but we think you’ll agree that the new brand certainly works well with our app.

Trybal is developed and managed by MDP Labs, an Edinburgh-based tech startup. Daniel de Bruin, MDP Labs founder, explains the new rebrand: “We’re incredibly excited about the new brand, and we have just released our new app video.

Trybal rewards users for reviewing places, services or shows. Positive or negative, users get rewarded based on their level in the app. By providing businesses with constructive feedback and creating influential ripples of reaction, our users can win free coffees, free meals, free flights, or even free holidays. It just depends on their level in the app.

Users can also choose to remain completely anonymous or become a celebrity critic. Businesses can securely respond to this anonymous feedback, actively allowing them to make improvements.

Trybal enables app users to drive businesses in their community to make improvements. This is not about unhappy customers getting something off their chest; Trybal revolves around rewarding users directly for providing meaningful feedback in the form of ratings, ideas and alerts, which can lead to positive change. Businesses of all sizes are given the ability to access live, actionable data feeds of anonymous consumer responses. Trybal permits these businesses to provide a direct private reply to any ripple, whilst consumers remain completely anonymous.

Trybal FeedbackThe app is easily navigated and can be used in conjunction with almost any kind of business. A local live feed lists the most recent feedback about places nearby. From this feed, users can easily view responses about specific types of places through hashtags (e.g. #golf, #organic, #tailor). There is also the option to add in favourites.

Users have the choice to provide a rating via a slider from ‘terrible’ through to ‘fantastic’ on aspects such as ‘food’, ‘service’ or ‘vibe’, depending on the type of place being rated. Users also have the option to contribute ideas, like ‘have a fast-lane for soup at lunch’ which other users can vote up or down. Alerts can also be noted such as, ‘very long queues at Bond Street branch’ or ‘ran out of soy milk’. The app is completely flexible in terms of how much information the user divulges and also in terms of what can be reviewed – cafes, spas, banks, supermarkets, dry cleaners; Tidal is not confined to simply restaurants and hotels.

Download Trybal for free on Android and iOS

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