The countdown has started

Posted on May 12, 2014

Mobile AppsAt the end of last year, we completed the first phase of our new apps development programme; research, needs analysis, and general planning was done for creating our new apps and their associated analytics software and Bluetooth beacons.

Over the last few months, our development team has been very busy designing, wireframing, coding, testing and tweaking. They’ve been working on designing our new apps and gadgets that we believe are rather amazing.


Finishing touches

At the moment, we are still adding some finishing touches so we can’t yet reveal all the details. What we can say is that we are about to launch a smartphone app that is very useful, intuitive and quite frankly, beautiful. Our apps and the associated software are designed by engineers, creatives, and actuaries – so we bring together a wide range of ideas and points of view.


Development team

Our full development team consists of 5 engineers, 5 creatives, 2 business analysts, and 3 actuaries. The engineers work on the databases, the back-end functionality, Bluetooth beacon protocols, and the Android and iOS applications. Our creative team focuses on the user interface design, the screen layouts, icons, colours, etc. Both of these teams seem to have an endless supply of energy and ideas. The business analysts and actuaries focus on the less exciting bits like use cases, analytics requirements and general information flow. All of this means the features in our apps are designed to be intuitive, and very useful. They’re streamlined for Android and iPhone devices, and we think they look pretty awesome.


Launch schedule

The countdown has started and we are getting excited as we approach our official launch dates. We think our new solutions open up some great new opportunities, and we have great plans for our new inventions. We can’t yet reveal too much, but feel free to contact us to arrange a demo of our new software during June 2014.